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On Wednesday, October 13th, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals granted Briana's petition for Bail ("Bail" means release upon condition. Briana's condition is that she appear in Court when required to do so. No bail money was set for her release). Thanks to the fast-working staff at Dennis Riordan's office (Briana's appeals attorney) the paperwork for her release was processed by the BOP with surprising speed. By 11:30 AM on Thursday, October 14th, Briana was released from the Danbury prison! To make this wonderful day even better, the stars aligned... the visit of Briana's family coincided with the day of her release, so they were there to pick her and reunite with her. It was an amazing stroke of timing, because their visit has been planned back in August, before she had even won her appeal. Information about winning the appeal is below.

Briana WINS her Appeal!, On Wednesday, September 15, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed Briana's conviction and remanded for a new trial. The opinion of the three-judge panel was unanimous.

Excerpted from the Panel's opinion: "Having reviewed the record of the proceedings below, we conclude that Waters’ trial suffered from a number of errors. Because the government has not convinced us that Waters’ verdict was unaffected by those errors, we reverse her conviction and remand for a new trial."

Briana's Appeals Attorney, Dennis Riordan, of San Francisco, petitioned the Court for Briana's immediate release, and the prosecution responded, opposing the petition. For more details of the Court's decision: http://blogs.eugeneweekly.com/content/new-trial-ecoactivist-briana-waters


About Briana

Briana Waters is a devoted and loving mother of her four-year-old daughter. She is a professional musician and violin teacher based in Oakland, California. On March 15, 2006, she was accused of participating in a politically motivated arson which took place at the University of Washington in May 2001.

Briana is a peaceful woman who believes in non-violence. In 2001, she directed a documentary, entitled Watch, which tells the moving true story of a peaceful campaign that built a coalition between environmentalists, loggers, and the residents of Randle, Washington to save the old-growth forest on Watch Mountain.

Briana's family, friends, and supporters were heartbroken and left in disbelief when a federal jury found her guilty of two counts of arson on March 6, 2008. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals denied Briana's request for release on bail pending appeal in early July, 2008. In August of 2008, Briana was transferred from SeaTac in Washington State to the Danbury, Connecticut Federal Correctional Institution where she was designated to serve a six year sentence.



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Briana's Documentary

Briana's documentary video, entitled Watch, tells the moving true story of a campaign to save an old growth forest in Washington state. If you are interested in ordering a copy, please email dvd@supportbriana.org for more information. All proceeds will go directly to Briana's legal defense fund.

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I was blessed with the opportunity to midwife Briana through the pregnancy and birth of her daughter. From the very start of her pregnacy she took her role as mother seriously, making responsible and thoughtful choices about how to best bring her child into the world. I still remember during our initial interview sitting at the kitchen table with Briana and John drinking tea and answering questions about pregnancy, birth, and midwifery care. I was happy when they called my midwifery partner and said they wanted to work with us. I look back with great admiration toward Briana for creating such an intentional and loving beginning for her daughter.

Often clients send me updates and photos of their babies that I helped deliver. This is one of the pleasures of being a midwife -- watching children and families grow. It is tragic for me to see photos of Briana and her daughter in the context of criminal charges and possible incarceration. Briana is a loving, kind, responsible, and caring woman and mother. It is devastating to think of the impact that this devastating situation is having on Briana, her daughter, and her family. I hope and pray that Briana and her daughter are not deprived of the opportunity to nurture and let grow the relationship that they have so lovingly and consciously started.

Kristen, LM CPM
Taos, NM


Briana has been my daughter Valencia’s violin teacher since early 2006. Briana is warm, gentle and loving—I knew this from the very first time I met her. I trust and believe her completely. She is a great mama, a loving partner, an amazing friend to all those around her, and a gifted musician. I look forward to her teaching violin to Valencia for MANY years.

In peace,

El Cerrito, CA
Mother of a budding musician…


Briana Waters is one of the most loving, caring, supportive, gentle people I've ever met on this planet. Her presence is a joy and inspiration to all around her, and her laugh is irresistably infectious. The world needs her to be free, so that she can continue to spread the love & happiness & music that are her gift to the world. And her daughter needs & deserves the undying devotion that this exemplary mother bathes her with daily.

Briana's friend & musical collaborator


This is a testimonial for one of the most radiant loving women I have ever known...Briana Waters is creative, caring, supportive, a loving friend, amazing mother and she is so full of life. I have spent lots of time with Briana and her family and I can say there is no way a women like this could do anything to hurt another person, there is NO WAY!

My heart is full of hope that this situation will meet an ending worth rejoicing for and Briana and her family (together) will be able to keep spreading all of the amazing love that they have.



I met Briana in the summer of 2001, we shared a house together in 2002, and she lived on and managed my property for me in 2003. We remain close friends. I know Briana to be an incredibly ethical person, who cares deeply not just about those close to her, but all living beings. She is careful to walk a path of harmlessness, and makes an effort to bring joy into the lives of all she interacts with. She is a thoughtful, compassionate, and loving person. I had the privilege of watching her throughout her pregnancy, and now through more than 2 years of her daughter's life. As the mother of an 8-month-old, I feel so lucky to have the example of Briana to follow. She has taught me so much about what it means to be a mother, and how to nurture another human being with all the love and fortitude I can muster. Briana is such an incredibly positive influence on her daughter, her partner, her family, and her friends. We are all richer for having her in our lives. I support Briana wholeheartedly, and look forward to the day when we can all make a joyful noise together!

in peace,
Garden educator, mother, friend


We have had the pleasure of knowing Briana for over 20 years and have watched her evolve into the beautiful caring young woman and mother that we know today. We first came to know Briana through our church community. She not only shared her musical talents with us, but also embraced the concern for world peace and human and animal rights that so many of our members embrace. As a young girl Briana had the rare gift of being able to relate to people of all ages with personal interest and care. On occasion she spoke during our services and participated in many of the activities we held to promote consciousness for equal rights and care of the earth. Briana is a very gifted person and has so much talent and love to share with the many lives she touches. She continues to be the sunny, loving person we have always known and we support her honesty and forthrightness whole-heartedly. We believe in Briana and stand behind her.

Jennifer, Teacher / M.Ed.
Gary, Retired Pastor, Teacher / M.Div.: M.Ed.


I am writing to express my support for Briana Waters. My name is Lisa Blanton and I am currently working at a non-profit farm in Ohio that is run by Dominican nuns. I had the pleasure of volunteering with Briana on forest advocacy campaigns from 1998 to 2001. I lived in Washington and Oregon during that time. Briana was a busy student and musician as well as an activist. She was involved in very public, non-violent activism advocating for the protection of public lands. My impression of her was of a really friendly person who could talk to all sorts of people. While she felt strongly about the need to protect the environment, she was very articulate without coming across as dogmatic. The campaign that we worked on the most was to protect an area in Washington called Watch Mountain. We were involved in a treesit that was legally permitted by the Forest Service. This campaign was a very good model of diverse groups of people working together to cooperatively achieve a desired goal. Briana did a lot of public outreach for this campaign. Briana was also very well known for sharing her beautiful fiddle music with everyone. I find it very sad that she is facing such heavy charges.



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